About Jason

Jason Bowld is the drummer for Welsh Metal band Bullet for my Valentine – but when did it all start?

Jason started drumming at the age of 13 after becoming inspired by his school friend and progressed onto playing in local bands until 9 years later when he signed his first record deal with Geffen with London based band Stimulator.
After falling victim to corporate shenanigans which resulted in the band being dropped, Jason then joined U.K. Industrial band Pitchshifter and toured globally. Session work followed and bands and artists such as Fightstar, Pop Will Eat Itself, Killing Joke, Ginger Wildheart, Blaze Bailey, C.J. Wildheart and even Metal-loving comedian Bill Bailey have all enjoyed JB’s drumming skills live and on album.

The ability to learn songs quickly was practiced well and put to great effect when he was asked to ‘stand-in’ for Bullet For My Valentine on the eve of their first U.K. arena tour in 2010. After striking up a friendship with Bullet singer Matt Tuck, the duo co-wrote the debut album ‘Vultures’ for a brutal, Metal side-project entitled Axewound which also featured members of Cancer Bats and Rise to Remain.


In between touring Jase composes music for various music libraries covering different genres of music for TV usage.

Some of this music has evolved into ‘sync’ side projects such as Hidora – a cinematic, trip-hop outfit with multiple vocalists,  co-written with long term friend Jim Davies. And Shadow Addict – an Electro-Metal project also featuring Davies, Bullet bassist Jamie Mathias and Nick Kingsley.

Virtual Jase?

Jason has also contributed to software company Toontrack’s drum sample library in the release ‘Made of Metal’. The product has since proved a huge success and was recorded and mixed under the watchful eye of Bullet for my Valentine producer Carl Bown and Slipknot producer Colin Richardson.

He has also contributed to a drum sample library and loops to Drumdrops.


On the drum clinic front, Jason has great experience playing and teaching at most of the main drum festivals from Drumfest, Drummer live to Frankfurt Musicmesse and UDE.

His passion for education is further backed up by his tuition column in Rhythm magazine (R.I.P.) and contributions for the latest Rockschool syllabus of which he has written and performed tracks for.


  • Pitchshifter – PSI (2002)
  • Blaze Bayley – Blood & Belief (2004)
  • Hiding Place - At One Time Or Another (2004)
  • This Is Menace – No End in Sight (2005)
  • This Is Menace – The Scene Is Dead (2007)
  • Pop Will Eat Itself – New Noise Designed by a Sadist (2011)
  • Bill Bailey - Bill Bailey in Metal (2011)
  • AxeWound – Vultures (2012)
  • CJ WIldheart - Mable (2014)
  • Pop Will Eat Itself – Anti-Nasty League (2015)
  • Bullet for My Valentine – Live from Brixton: Chapter Two (2017)
  • Bullet for My Valentine – Gravity (2018)
  • CJ Wildheart - Siege (2020)
  • Shadow Addict – Vibrations (2021)
  • Bullet for My Valentine – Bullet for My Valentine (2021)
  • They Fell from the Sky – Decade (2021)
  • CJ WIldheart - Lives - (2022)
  • Hidora - The Devil Only Knows (2023)

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